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Our mission

We want to transform art and culture into circular and sustainable sectors, in order to create a better world – now and for generations to come

How we do this

By connecting, inspiring and educating organizations & artists alike we transform the industry, resulting in long-lasting social impact for the whole of society.

what we do

We enact and facilitate projects and activities that motivate positive change for social, sustainable and circular issues.
LDD has set up a series of stores that offer rest materials to artists, makers, students and festivals. We coordinate and curate a broad range of initiatives, such as but not limited to: cultural events, workshops and exhibitions.

Our values

Labor participation

Sustainability and Circularity

Social cohesion and inclusion

Behavioural change (Education & development)

We actively contribute to no. 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 17 of the sustainable development goals

Our team

Angelina Kumar


Jeroen Vogel

Research & Development

Jonny Mehrez


Luc van Veen


Frank Koolen


Florine Verhallen

Behavioural Change Advisor

Mette Samkalden

Board member

Sylvia Mannaerts

Board member – Secretary

Marije Remigius

Board member – Treasurer

Theo Voortman

Board member – Chairman

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